Due to illness

Absences due to normal illnesses do not require a written medical excuse. You may either contact the office each morning to report your child’s absence, or simply provide an estimated return date. Please be sure to contact the school office (06257/970350) by 8:30 a.m.

To ensure a healthy learning environment for all students, faculty and staff, please be sure to keep a child home a minimum of 24 hours after the end of a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting.

If a child is not in school at snacktime and there has been no prior communication about absence, the teacher /TA or secretary will call the parent to find out where the child is (using all parent emergency contact details.)

Medical excuses are required in cases of a contagious disease or infection/health condition (i.e., chicken box, scarlet fever, head lice). In such instances, the school office should be notified immediately so that a message stating the exposure to such illnesses can be issued to the families of the affected class, or the entire Primary. A medical release from the doctor must also be submitted upon the child’s return to school in such cases.

No medicines will be given to the children. If a child's health constitution requires medicine the child should stay at home.

Extended non-medical absences

Should your family decide to take an extended vacation, a written request must be filed as follows. Unlike Kindergarten which is has voluntary attendance, school attendance is mandatory and regulated by the State of Hessen. Because of this, please be sure to submit a request (not a letter stating your already planned vacation) to the following parties as outlined below:

Extended long weekends or vacations tied to an official school holiday

Primary Head Teacher: The request should be submitted no later than four (4) weeks before your planned trip. To avoid any unnecessary complications, it is advised not to book the trip until you have received a written approval for the extended vacation. (Please note: airport authorities are legally allowed to request such a letter when checking in). A copy of your request along with the confirmation letter will be kept in the child’s records.

Absences not centered around an official school holiday and lasting no longer than 3 days

Class Teacher: In this case, a note in the Black Book (Flex students) or a separate letter for Year 3 and 4 students, stating the dates and reason for the absence should be submitted a few days prior to the planned absence.

Any of the above absences will be noted on your child’s semester/end of year report as “Missed Days” and “Authorised/Unauthorised”.

Absences due to appointments/other personal situation

As we all know, sometimes appointments can not be scheduled outside school hours, or perhaps your child is a member of a tournament team and needs to attend a training camp/competition. In these cases, a simple note to the teacher a day or two before the early dismissal request will suffice. Be sure to mention what time your child will have to leave and who will be picking him/her up from school.

These absences will not be noted as a “Missed Day” on your child’s report.

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