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Secondary Curriculum

Years 5 - 8 / Parent overview


•  Introduction Humanities

•  Humanities modules 5 - 8
•  Humanities IB learner profile
•  Key historical and geographical processes
•  Ethics

Please note that a considerable amount of our work in English is based on the global focus provided by texts within the Oxford International English course (OUP). Here we have also identified reading and writing genres, as well as class novels that provide essential contexts for our language literacy teaching.

•  English Curriculum and Assessment Map

German Language A
In this framework, the German department have provided links to a variety of teaching methodologies that reflect aspects of the IB Learner Profile. Our new 'differenzierte Ausgabe' of the Hessen Schools German course (Cornelsen) provides extension and consolidation for a range of speakers at first language level.

•  German language A

In Mathematics we currently follow the Maths Links course which is closely linked to the Cambridge International Maths Secondary 1 learning objectives.

•  Maths Y5 - 8

Our Science courses (5 - 8) are based on the scientific content and investigational processes outlined by the Cambridge International Secondary 1 programme.

•  Science Y5 - 8

German as a Second Language (GSL) / Spanish Language B
The content of German as a Second Language is the same as for Spanish as a foreign language in terms of the real-life communicative situations covered.

•  German as a Second Language / Spanish B

Art, Drama, Music
Many of our art and Drama modules relate to a wider context provided by some of our Humanities modules. Our programme also ensures experience of a variety of techniques and materials.

•  Art Y5 - 8
•  Drama Y5 - 10
•  Music Y5 - 8

Rupert Toogood, Curriculum-Manager SISS, February 2015

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