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SISS Careers Day 2023

20230607 132818On Wednesday, June 7th SISS Secondary hosted the annual Careers Day event. Professionals from local industries offered nine workshops in the fields advertising, aviation, construction, communications in the pharmaceutical industry, energy trading, international development, industrial research and intellectual property, life coaching and the space industry.

20230607 095445Among other challenges, 48 eager year 8 students constructed three-story buildings from marshmallows, designed advertisements for a new energy drink and prioritized supplies for an emergency moon-landing. The most popular questions asked by students were whether the jobs paid well and how many years of training were 20230607 113715involved. Overall, students learned that the workshop leaders’ career paths are marked with roundabout ways and that teamwork in the professional world is key.

SISS Secondary is extremely grateful to the workshop leaders for spending such valuable time with our youths. If you are interested in joining the team and hosting a workshop at next year’s event, please reach out to us.

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Text and Pictures: Kimberly Obermeier

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