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Walkathon 2016 was a great success!

Walkathon 2016We would like to thank all parents and participants for your support of this year's walkathon, it was another tremendous success thanks to all of you! For German Cancer Aid, your efforts raised €10,050! We are so proud of all of you! 

This year, as you know, we were able to include a great group of 6 year 11 CAS students. They were a welcome addition and definitely breathed new life into the fun-filled event. CAS student involvement will continue in future walkathons.

Some may have noticed the omission of awards for most laps at our assembly, it was a difficult decision, but one we felt we had to make. Unfortunately, members of the team, parents, and other participants witnessed so many incidents of cheating we felt it would be unfair to reward it. These incidents made it impossible to know which claims were genuine. We therefore took the decision to not recognize the distances the kids walked/ran this year. We know that the majority of kids are honest and give their all at the walkathon, and we are always proud of the great distance the kids go every year. Next year we hope to return to awarding for most laps, after we find an improved method of counting laps.

Each year we have many volunteers come out on the day and support the walkathon, it truly would not operate without you. So thank you all very much!

We are so pleased you joined in to WALK ALL OVER CANCER! 

Thank you for your support.

Katie McCorry and Liz Giordimaina (CAS supervisors) with Navin Suneej, Nick Hechler, Nick Potiriadis, Harry Walker, Dena Mohadjer Sabour and Luis Alcantara.

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