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Fieldtrip of 8bSISS to the Oberwaldhaus - let´s get wet!

Oberwaldhaus 2After having studied many aspects of biology and chemistry in aquatic systems in the SISS lab rooms during the school year, 8bSISS students thought the time had come to get the taste of a real life experience. They therefore set out for a field trip to the Oberwaldhaus, Darmstadt, with their science teacher Mrs Schmöckel and their class teacher Mr Scheuerpflug during the last week before the summer holidays. 

It turned out to be a real “aquatic” experience from top to bottom. After having circled the whole pond on foot, the class split up into groups of four to either analyze probes from the lake shore right away or get into the row boats to collect the water from different locations of the water body first thing. After half an hour the groups swapped so everybody had the chance to get some exercise for their arm muscles. The biological and chemical tests on land proved the “good” water quality - according to the biological water index (EU). Oberwaldhaus1So all kinds of fish and other water bound organisms were not in danger by lack of oxygen or the influx of considerate concentrations of toxic chemicals. Around noon time a serious downpour prevented the group from having an “alfresco” on the lawns around the pond, so all of 8b got a lively impression of what it is like to work as a field scientist gathering data whatever the weather. The pictures below, taken by Mr. Scheuerpflug, show the students' activities before everyone was literally drenched. During their way back to the Schuldorf, the whole group was in a good temper and even another soak of torrential rain on their way home couldn´t spoil their spirit of adventure.

The text is written by Eva Schmöckel (teacher for Sciene).

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