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Weihnachts-Chemie-Show an der SISS


Practicing for the show also much improved our practical lab skills. Several experiments required quite delicate work. For example, lighting a splint in "elephant toothpaste" doesn't work unless one finds the area of oxygen production in a pile of yellowish goo, and creating bubbles by drawing a string over the mouth of a flask has to be done very slowly or the bubbles pop. We also had to be very careful about safety precautions, as we had to ensure the well-being not only of ourselves but of the audience. The dry ice and liquid nitrogen had to be handled with gloves and tongs. Naturally we all wore lab coats and goggles. The audience was seated two meters away from the stage behind a row of desks and was asked to cover their ears for the particularly loud explosions, as one can never be too careful when it comes to combustion experiments, particularly as some ears are more delicate than others.

Chris Show SISS 3Despite some minor experimental difficulties, we all think the show was a smashing success. It was a really engaging and challenging activity and a lovely way to combine work with play. To any IB student wishing to do a similar activity, we can also recommend making it a CAS activity. It's perfect for the creativity section and makes gathering reflections on camera a lot of fun!

To our audience: Thank you so much for coming! You were delightfully encouraging and a true pleasure to perform for. Merry Christmas from the Elves, the Grinches, and of course from Santa Claus.”

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