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Walkathon 2017 - Don´t miss it!

walkathon2017poster 1We want you to join us at the Walkathon this year! Where we will 'Give without borders' together benefitting Medecins Sans Frontieres, MSF (Doctors without Borders, Ärzte ohne Grenzen). The 9th annual Walkathon will take place on Saturday MAY 13th at the Christian Stock Stadion. The event is being run by a year 11 IB CAS group.

Register by emailing! Registration deadline is May 5th and the Walkathon is May 13th, so you have plenty of time to get loads of sponsors! But don’t delay, start today! 

We look forward to another fantastic, record-breaking year! Do not miss being part of this proud tradition at SISS! We hope to see all of our SISS families there at what is always a great day and loads of fun!

Best Regards,

IB CAS Walkathon Team

Levin Lindenzweig, Helen Haag, Gianluca Giordimaina, Eoin McCorry, Jonatan Müller, Cristi Ricci, & Fynn Zenglein

CAS Supervisors

Katie McCorry & Liz Giordimaina

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