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Exhibition out of the Suitcase

Aus dem Koffer2 CopyOn  14.6. In 2018 the "Art & Design students - years 9 and up" of the SISS and the art students of the Q2 of the Gymnasium were invited to a special event: Students from the Hochschule für Gestaltung Darmstadt presented their "Exhibition out of the Suitcase" (Ausstellung aus dem Koffer).

This event was organized in cooperation of Mrs. Fischer (SISS-Secondary) and Mrs. Leykauf (Gymnasium). It is planned to include artistically gifted students of  the H / R branch in the future (grades 9 + 10), since especially gifted students do not need a college entrance qualification to study at the Faculty of Design in Darmstadt. Two students of the University of Applied Sciences presented to the audience exemplary study projects in the field of communication design and industrial design, spoke about the entry requirements and the organization of the study. They were available to answer questions and with enthusiasm and expertise gave the audience an understanding of the course of a design study in Darmstadt. The entrance exam takes place every year in June, beginning of studies is October. The exams take place once a year so that new students can only be admitted to the winter semester. From April you can apply. After application, a letter will be sent with a homework assignment, which must be processed by the exam date. This year it was the task to create a film about "Over time" (Im Laufe der Zeit). The homework is part of the exam. In addition, a portfolio must be created with your own artistic work. The topic for this is not predetermined, but should be authentic and should show a debate with self-set artistic themes. Ideally, the folder does not contain work from the school. The exam covers two days. First an approximately three-hour test, in which questions must be answered. However, these are NOT questions that require specialist knowledge. It's not about "right" or "wrong", but about your own attitude to the questions. In addition on the first day, there is a practical task. Here drawing is required.  The next day the folder is presented.

The Hochschule für Gestaltung offers  portfolio consultations  where interested parties can present their own folders and receive a feedback. The current consultation times can be found on the webpage: The program is a DIPLOM study and includes 8 semesters of regular study time (4 semesters undergraduate / 4 semesters main course). The basic study is devoted to the basics (drawing, painting, photography and film technology, typesetting, woodworking, metalworking and much more).  It is expected that students work on their own initiative, set their own priorities and pursue them.  You can specialize from the third semester onwards and bring your own interests already in the intermediate diploma. In the main course there are optional subjects. The students have free choice and can work according to their inclinations and interests. During the study there is a six-month practical semester, which is compulsory and offers the opportunity to get an insight into professional life as well as make contacts.Aus dem Koffer1

At the end of your studies, students you have compiled  their  own portfolio, which shows what the student was doing during his studies  and documents  his way of working. Almost all branches of industry offer career opportunities, as companies need to communicate with clients and consumers. They have to present themselves to the outside world.  Also advertising agencies, publishers, trade fair organizers and many more are looking for creative employees. Certificates play a secondary role in the application. The portfolio is significantly more meaningful for creative work. To prepare for a design study, the following tips were given: Be open and curious, have a  passion for your  subject, try to see as much art and design as possible LIVE  (galleries, exhibitions, museums, artist workshop visits, fairs etc.), pursue your own path; Do what interests you (no intrusion from the outside!),  be authentic  - and – most of all :  "think outside the box!" It was a very informative event. Interesting were the brought work, which could also be taken in hand and "played with". Since students reported on their  own studies, the lecture was very close to what was really happening during your study  and well understood by the audience.

We are planning to hold this event regularly as part of vocational guidance at the Schuldorf Bergstraße!

Sonja Leykauf, Annelore Fischer

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