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IB graduates 2018

cap 1266204 640"The administration of the Schuldorf Bergstraße sincerely congratulate the May 2018 graduates of the State International School Seeheim-Jugenheim. They can be highly applauded for their hard work, focus and commitment!  

An IB diploma is an excellent preparation for further education and for future careers. IB graduates have shown a great amount of curiosity and critical thinking and most likely will continue to do so throughout their lives. These skills are the foundation of the future, as both universities and employers attest. We are sure that our IB graduates are highly prepared to contribute to their own communities and will be a key in helping to find solutions to the broader challenges facing the world." (IB Coordinator W. Scheuerpflug)

This year, 33 students were awarded the Diploma. This was the highest number of IB graduates we have had so far 16 of those 33 students also received the Bilingual Diploma. It is awarded if a student completes two languages selected from group 1 (English and German) with the award of a grade 3 or higher in both.

The average points obtained by candidates who passed the diploma was 33.1 (out of a maximum of 45). The highest diploma points awarded to a candidate was 42, which equals a 1.0 in the German system for the Abitur. The average grade obtained at the SISS by candidates who passed the diploma was a 5.33 (out of a maximum of 7).

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