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Britische Hochschulmesse in Frankfurt

HochschulmesseSISS3So, what’s next? College? If yes, what should I take? Which choices are best for my career? Will I need to move? These are all questions which arise to us, one day or another. After the IGCSE, we start entering an age at which these questions become relevant to us and we start asking ourselves what the next steps might be. The current year 11 and 12 students of SISS feel this ever so present pressure of decision making coming closer and closer.

So why not look for help? The Britische Hochschulmesse in Frankfurt am Main seemed to be the right place to do so. Consisting of different universities from all around the UK, including their representatives; this created the perfect environment to gather information on courses, studies and career opportunities. It helped gain an insight of what one may consider studying or even the place one might want to study at. HochschulmesseSISS1Each stand had their own leaflets and brochures, each one describing the requirements for a specific course and displaying a rough overview of the course content, as well as the campus, geographical location and things such as tuition fees. If questions arose, you were quickly responded to by the kind and informed representatives of the given university. Overall it can be said, that this trip was of great benefit to each student and may have created a brighter vision on the pathway some may want to choose.

The text was written by Rémi Bummel.HochschulmeseSISS2

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