Weihnachts-Chemie-Show an der SISS

In diesem Jahr waren die Klassen 6a und 6b des H/R- Zweigs zur Chemie- Show in den internationalen Schulzweig (Secondary) eingeladen worden. Diesmal traten die grünen „Grinches“ gegen die Weihnachtselfen an, um eindrucksvoll vorzuführen, warum „Feuer und Eis“ gegensätzliche Kräfte sind! Zum Glück konnte am Ende der Weihnachtsmann für Frieden sorgen und alle mit einem Geschenk erfreuen, das sowohl bei heißen, als auch frostigen Temperaturen großen Anklang findet!

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IGCSE Ceremony 2016

IGCSE 2016 - Zum Vergrößern bitte anklickenOn the evening the 9th of November year 11 had their IGCSE ceremony during which all students who had passed the exams received their certificates. The events started off with speeches from Mrs. Martini-Appel, Mr. Szartowicz and Mr. Scheuerpflug. Next the students were called to the stage to get their certificates.

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DSC 0640AThe students at the International School outperformed themselves in this year's IGCSE exams in May/June. Compared to the worldwide average of scores both in the categories "achieving a C or above" and "achieving an A or A*" the results were better for all the subjects!

Congratulations to this superb performance! W.Scheuerpflug, IGCSE Coordinator

IGCSE Awards Ceremony

At 5:30 PM on Wednesday, November 9th, the SISS will hold its annual awards ceremony for the students who successfully passed their IGCSE exams in May/June 2016. This year will be the first time when the students will be honored for their outstanding work in a 2-hour-long ceremony finishing with refreshments generously provided by the parents of this year's classes 10a and 10b. The musical program has kindly been prepared by the music teacher Sven Adelberger. We are all looking forward to this event with music, speeches and the handout of the certificates - the equivalent to the Mittlere Reife Zeugnisse - to the students. 

W.Scheuerpflug, IGCSE Coordinator

Fieldtrip of 8bSISS to the Oberwaldhaus - let´s get wet!

Oberwaldhaus 2After having studied many aspects of biology and chemistry in aquatic systems in the SISS lab rooms during the school year, 8bSISS students thought the time had come to get the taste of a real life experience. They therefore set out for a field trip to the Oberwaldhaus, Darmstadt, with their science teacher Mrs Schmöckel and their class teacher Mr Scheuerpflug during the last week before the summer holidays. 

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