Sheik Ghassan Manasra zu Gast am Schuldorf

Manasra3Last week Schuldorf Bergstraße had a really extraordinary event at school. Sheik Ghassan Manasra and his daughter Sisi from Nazareth, a Sufi peace builder, visited Schuldorf Bergstraße and talked about the work of Abrahamic Reunion, a organisation who brings People from Israelian and Palestinian background together at one table with the intention of not talking about each other but talking to each other.

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Schüler nehmen an Lmuna-Konferenz in Arnheim teil

people 2789522 640"Vor einigen Wochen haben 8 Delegierte der MUNSISS an der Lmuna Konferenz, einer Simulation der Vereinten Nationen in Arnheim, Holland teilgenommen. Als Repräsentanten der Ukraine waren unsere Schüler in den Hauptausschüssen, UN- Generalversammlung, Sicherheitsrat, Menschenrechtsausschuss tätig. Vom 6. bis zum 8. Oktober haben wir recherchiert, debattiert, Beschlüsse geschrieben und mit Bedacht an Wahlen teilgenommen.

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IGCSE Ceremony 2017

Please find enclosed the invitation to our annualI IGCSE Awards Ceremony on Thursday 9th November 2017 from 17:30 – 20:00. 


IGCSE Results of the June 2017 Series 

The students of the SISS took their IGCSE examinations from April to June 2017 in the following subjects: German, English, Maths, Coordinated Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Spanish or French, History or/and Geography, Art & Design and Music. The overall results this year were outstanding! The administration congratulates the year 10 students for their successful performance. Furthermore, a big THANKS to all the teachers who did such a great job! 

W.Scheuerpflug (IGCSE Coordinator)  

Y4 and Y11 IB students doing chemistry together!

Chemistry show1Our IB Grade 11 Chemistry class recently held an interactive lesson for the 4th Grade at SISS Primary. We were all excited to be doing another experimental lesson after our successful Christmas Show in December. Our teacher, Ms Schmöckel came up with a fun title for our show; "What do we do with CO2?". For the first part of our show we assisted the Year 4 students with a challenging but fun experiment, using water, calcium tablets, an indicator, and fire.

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