Fieldtrip of 8bSISS to the Oberwaldhaus - let´s get wet!

Oberwaldhaus 2After having studied many aspects of biology and chemistry in aquatic systems in the SISS lab rooms during the school year, 8bSISS students thought the time had come to get the taste of a real life experience. They therefore set out for a field trip to the Oberwaldhaus, Darmstadt, with their science teacher Mrs Schmöckel and their class teacher Mr Scheuerpflug during the last week before the summer holidays. 

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You find projects and activities for 2016/2017 and general information about supervision in the appendix!

Walkathon 2016 was a great success!

Walkathon 2016We would like to thank all parents and participants for your support of this year's walkathon, it was another tremendous success thanks to all of you! For German Cancer Aid, your efforts raised €10,050! We are so proud of all of you! 

This year, as you know, we were able to include a great group of 6 year 11 CAS students. They were a welcome addition and definitely breathed new life into the fun-filled event. CAS student involvement will continue in future walkathons.

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Exkursion nach Weimar

Blick ins UrbinozimmerVom 26. bis 29.01.2016 unternahm der Kurs HL-German A von Frau Baum eine Exkursion nach Weimar. Als Leckerbissen für die mutigen Schülerinnen und Schüler gedacht, die sich auf die hohen Anforderungen der HL-Kurses einließen, wurde die Studienfahrt zu einem sehr schönen und entspannten Ausflug in eine der wichtigsten Städte deutscher Literatur.

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Farewell Assembly at SISS

DSC 0640AIn building 41 Mrs Martini-Appel and Mr Rupert Toogood said goodbye to teachers, teaching assistants and students who will leave Secondary. We have to say goodbye to Mrs Noreen Nasar, Mrs Laura Weise, Mrs Angela MacPherson, Mrs Sonja Zimmermann, Mrs Bernadette Morres, Mrs Brittaney Meyer, Mr Andrew Schofield, Mr Rafal Milerski and Mr Ian MacDougall. We wish them all the best for the future and hope to welcome them at our school again. 

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