"The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling

Jungle book cast 2016SISS Drama Club presents on Saturday 2nd July at 6 pm in building 41 the story of little Mowgli.
Stolen by a man-eating tiger and rescued and brought up by wolves, Mowgli must overcome both man and beast to become master of the jungle. Along the way he is befriended by a bear and a black panther, both much beloved in the disney cartoon. In the original version by Kipling, who
grew up in India, we learn the value of brotherhood through the jungle law and see if he will overcome both treachery and cruelty. Drama club range from year 5 to year 11 and have been involved in all aspects of this production
from acting to directing, designing, making and technical, led by Mr Gunderson with help from parents.
We look forward to welcoming you to our show!

International Festival on 18th of June 2016

P1070706The Festival Committee is delighted to inform you that the 6th SISS International Festival will take place on the afternoon of Saturday 18th June this year between 13:00 and 16:00 at SISS! The general theme will be ‘diversity’, giving us the opportunity to celebrate and experience global culture.

Thank you very much to the wider Community for your support in contributing to the festival.

Visual Arts Exhibition

IBArt3IB Visual Arts students took part in the first ever exam by presenting their work in the form of an exhibition which they curated themselves. Johanna Glover's work challenges traditional assumptions regarding the co-existence of cultures and species. You can see this in her presentation of African myths and Kente cloth with beetles, metamorphosis and decay across a range of media.

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The 8th annual Walkathon 2016

WalkathonThis year on the 11th June our project will not only be a walkathon. It’ll be a mind blowing walkathon and this year we will not only change the event for good, but also help people like your neighbors, friends or even family. 
Enclosed please find more information!

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IB-Schüler präsentieren Internal Assessments

EwaEinige Schülerinnen und Schüler des Jahrgangs 12 führten am 15.03.2016 in Kurzvorträgen durch die Ergebnisse ihrer Studien für die Abschlussprüfung des Internationalen Baccalaureate (IB). Dies geschah im Rahmen einer Informationsveranstaltung, bei der von Lehrerin Ewa Schmöckel die Unterschiede zwischen dem Hessischen Landesabitur und dem IB-Diploma Programm dargestellt wurden. Die Besonderheiten der praxisorientierten Fächer Geographie, Biologie, Chemie und Physik präsentierten Ewa Hahn, Melisa Wartusch, Nils Kerwer, Tim Kircher, Ashwin Kumar und Tom Maicher.

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