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School counselor Dietmar Burkhardt

Dietmar BurkhardMy name is Dietmar Burkhardt and at Schuldorf Bergstraße I have been working as a school counsellor since September 2015. In particular I like the good atmosphere at the school and the openess for new ways of being a school. It is the variety of people who learn and teach or work in other fields here that I really appreciate. It is nice to be here every day in such beautiful natural surroundings, having a wonderful landscape before my eyes.

Since 1987 I have been a protestant pastor, first in different parishes, then I worked as a journalist in the department of communication of ‌‌the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau.

Since a longer visit in Beirut/Lebanon in 2005, where it was mainly about the study of Islam and interfaith relations, I have been interested in the coexistence of people from different cultures and religions. For this reason I teach at the Goethe University in Frankfurt and at the Protestant University of Darmstadt from time to time. So the promotion of intercultural understanding and exchange is a special concern of mine.

I am married and a father of three adult children. Helping children and young people find their own way into the world is my motivation.
I find relaxation in hiking, playing piano and guitar, writing, reading and travelling.

Offers in school counselling at Schuldorf Bergstraße

We support and accompany children and young people in situations that challenge them and their parents / siblings personally.

If the feeling arises, that everything is meaningless, we try to give help to understand the situation and to find a meaning in it.

In coping with grief, illness or loss, we give room for discussions and their personal grief work.

Offer for families: we support and give advice in case of problems or in acute crises to families.

We currently offer training for teachers at school with the focus on intercultural conflicts.

Assisting the prevention team: active support of those affected by bullying in classes with the goal of reducing these occurences.

Involving the systemic view in counselling sessions:

- What is the family constellation?
- What personal strengths and abilities of the student / pupil can be used wisely to solve the problem?
- What internal attitudes and values ‌‌provide guidance?
- What is the point that we find ourselves in a crisis? Reinterpretation and appreciation of existing potentials.



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