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Mission statement

This statement is valued by all members of the Schuldorf whether pupils, teachers or parents. It is a powerful statement that forms the basis of all school practice and affects the way we live, work and plan together as integral members of the wider school community:

“We regard ourselves as a community of people with different cultural and social backgrounds and points of view, with a broad variety of opinions and interests. Mutual respect, tolerance, fairness and solidarity are the foundations of human and democratic society. These are the guidelines for communal life at our school.

We want to create an atmosphere that encourages and supports academic progress and promotes social and personal skills to make our students self-confident, independent and responsible members of our society.

We offer a broad and complex choice of educational opportunities and qualifications according to the individual achievement of our students.

We expect our students to participate in decisions on our daily life with a special emphasis on environmental education, intercultural relations and the cooperation with external partners.”

In all our work with the children at SISS we also expect them to participate in decision making within a community that specifically values ecological and multicultural ventures. We strive for learning to be fun, varied and often based on direct experience and group interaction. Within this context we aim for children to gain a depth of knowledge in English that enables them to be effective communicators across the curriculum.

Increasingly we consider ourselves to be part of the wider Schuldorf community with all the benefits that it offers in terms of facilities, human resources and a shared teaching and learning ethos. Our unique location, surrounded by pine forests, provides an ideal setting in which to forge a common identity conducive to exciting, open-minded, life-long learning. We respect and actively seek to engage the culture and interests of our very ‘global’ local community.

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