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The International School and the International Kindergarten and Preschool are situated in direct proximity to the A5 motorway junction Seeheim-Jugenheim, about a half hour‘s drive from Frankfurt am Main.


If you come to school by car there is a huge car park next to the new sports hall with access from the L3103. The parking is free. It is within 5- 10 min walking distance to the SISS.

Public transport

SISS can be reached by public transport! There is a tram (No. 6/7/8) passing close to campus that would cover children living in Alsbach (not Alsbach-Hähnlein), Jugenheim, Seeheim, Malchen, and several areas in Darmstadt. There are busses servicing the area of Bickenbach, Ober-Beerbach, Nieder-Beerbach, Stettbach, Hähnlein (not on the same regular basis as the tram).


The villages of Bickenbach, Alsbach, Malchen and Seeheim-Jugenheim also offer bicycle paths to school, which are very well frequented during school hours. This information might be useful for older children.

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