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Friends Association

The state-registered Förderverein of the State International School and Preschool e.V. was first established in August 2001.

Its first and most important aim being to identify the political, financial, spacial planning, organisational and staffing requirements for the establishment of the Preschool and the State International School and to pave the way for its swift realisation. All of the above, including the erection of the new school building, was accomplished within a few years. Today the voluntary, fund-raising organisation concentrates its efforts on assisting and maintaining both institutions, with the help of donations and private and corporate sponsorship.

The persuasive efforts of the initiator of the State International School project, the former Minister for Economic Affairs of the state of Hesse, Mr. Klaus-Jürgen Hoffie, led to a resolution in the local county council in June 2001, and a year later to the formation of a registered support association(Förderverein).

During the initial years of establishment and development, and due to the often political nature of the whole enterprise, it was mainly figures from the fields of commerce and politics, and above all, representatives from the administrative authorities, the county council, the local community, and the Schuldorf, who took overall responsibility for the project.

Today it is mainly the school’s parents who constitute the foundation of the Förderverein.

You can find out more about the Förderverein here.

To help support the Förderverein, support SISS, please consider becoming a member. The yearly minimum contribution per family is 60 Euro (after taxes this works out to be less than 3 Euro a month!). 

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