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Learning Support

Learning support

In case of ongoing and/or severe learning difficulties in one or more subject areas a learning support plan will be set up.

The class teacher/subject teacher will meet the parents to discuss individual tasks for the child and to monitor and evaluate the child's progress in further meetings after a period of time. A close working relationship between parents, child and school will help to improve the child's development.

Dyscalculia/ Dyslexia

If your child has been diagnosed with one or both of these learning difficulties, please notify your class teachers.

Parents can apply for a „Nachteilausgleich“/special compensation, that adjusts the child’s test and work achievements. The class teacher will provide guidance in the process of applying for a special compensations/ learning support and progress consultations with the parents/guardians throughout the year.


Special Compensation/Nachteilsausgleich

(see“ Verordnung zur Gestaltung des Schulverhältnisses (VOGSV) vom 19. August 2011“ )

§7 Special compensation

(1) Children suffering from a temporary handicap (e.g. fractured arm) or other diagnosed handicaps that still allows them to take part in lessons should be treated with consideration in lessons as well as when having oral, written or practical tests regarding their special needs.

(2) Different kinds of special compensation can be:

a. Extended working time for class tests

b. Permission to work with dictionaries, computer and/or audio support

c. Use of specifically arranged worksheets

d. Differentiated exercises, in particular when difficulties occur in the subjects of German, foreign languages (dyslexia) and math (dyscalculia)

(3) The parents have to submit a written formal request. The head teacher will decide whether a special compensation will be granted (and for how long). This decision will be made after consultation with the class conference. If a special compensation is granted it will be indicated in the child’s learning support plan.

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