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Food Service


A catering company provides warm lunch to those children who have been registered in the lunch programme and have ordered food for that day. You will receive a lunch registration package when your child is admitted into SISS.

For those opting for the warm lunch service, once your online registration is completed and funds transferred, parents are responsible to order their child’s lunch (the school has no means to place orders). Typically orders may be placed up to a month in advance. If necessary (i.e. illness), cancellations for that day’s lunch may be placed until 7:45 a.m. the same morning of the absence. The online registration form for lunch can be found in the

Download section of our homepage (see “SISS Primary Students Lunch registration”).

Children receiving hot lunch will receive dessert without prerequisite.

Parents may of course choose to provide a packed lunch for their children. In accordance with the Schuldorf “Healthy School” policy parents are encouraged to provide a healthy lunch and beverage for their children.

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