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The Adventure Playgarden

Natural environment and space to experience for children in school

Where was your absolutely favourite place to play as a child?

Remember how exciting it was to explore the world outside.

Experience adventures, make discoveries – that’s all part of growing up.

It is the way that children learn about themselves and the world around them.

Sadly children today are unable or not allowed to go out to play and engage freely in play activities that a generation ago would have been taken for granted. Children should have the opportunities to explore, experiment, and experience the wide, wonderful world around them.

By providing outdoor activities Adventure Playgrounds create opportunities for children to learn cooperation, meet physical challenges and gain self-confidence.

As the all-day care of the SISS we initiated and set up an Adventure Playground on the school campus called Playgarden.

Together with the children and adolescents we create a space in our Playgarden, which is unique and special, with many fantastic benefits.

Among other activities each day we offer many different projects with the main topics crafting, nature and environmental education which also addressing sustainable thinking and acting. (see Supervision Program)

Our Playgarden is a lively, growing project!

We are looking forward to meeting you and your child there.

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