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Homework will be given:

  • To provide opportunities for practice of basic skills and learning of important facts that cannot be memorized entirely within the teaching session.
  • To give young children the opportunity to consolidate a skill learnt in class.
  • To offer older the opportunity of independent enquiry and gathering of information to be shared in class.
  • To encourage children to establish routines and a degree of self-organization and responsibility

Especially in the lower age groups the principle of 'a little often' should be applied. In the upper primary a significant amount of revision for tests will be an integral part of preceding lessons; where reading over of notes or practice exercises are required, these should be part of homework tasks.

All homework given to the children will be explained in class, so that parents' help should not be necessary. In instances where the child needs support or was unable to complete the task, a note should be written by the parent in the homework diary or on the homework sheet as feed back for the teacher.

There must be at least a day between setting and return of homework tasks.

Recommended timing guidance:
Flexible Lower Primary Years -> not more then 20 – 30 minutes to cover all tasks.
Year 3/4 -> apprx 45 minutes to cover all tasks

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