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In Flexible Lower Primary all children will be brought down to the playground by their class teacher or TA (or subject teacher, as applicable) at the end of the school day. Flexible Lower Primary Teachers/TAs are responsible for placing unclaimed children into Supervision. Supervision starts at 3:05pm.

In Year 3, the same rules apply until a point during 2nd term. After this point, Year 3 children will be dismissed from class (i.e., sent down from the classroom alone).
Year 3 teachers will remind parents of this change, in writing, prior to its implementation.

Year 4 and up can be dismissed from their last class in the afternoon (i.e., sent down alone/ back to school alone.)

Year 3 & up children are responsible for going to Supervision themselves if their parent or guardian is late.

Children may not stay on the playground after school unless they are signed-in to Supervision.

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