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Parents information regarding change in communciation

Dear Parents,

Due to the increasing complexity of the infection situation at SISS Primary, we are changing our way of communicating it to you.

We will no longer send emails to individual cohorts regarding new infections; instead, every Friday a spreadsheet with the number of positive tested children of the week will be send out by email to all parents for information.

This change in communication has no impact on the handling of the situation. Current procedures remain in place:

• Children tested positive in school are separated immediately and picked up by the parents.
• A PCR test is carried out on the child
• There are no (immediate) implications to all children in the class/cohort.
• As a precaution, the children of the relevant cohort will be tested daily until the school has received the result of the PCR tests.
• With a positive PCR test result, daily testing takes place in the cohorts concerned for a period of 14 days.


The option not to participate in the daily rapid tests applies to fully vaccinated or recovered children. Please note that proof of the status “full immunization coverage / recovered” needs to be presented to the class teacher/TA. There is a possibility for vaccinated children to continue participating in the rapid tests at school either once a week on Mondays or in the test schedule of the class. In this case, we require the renewed consent of the parents; please indicate “Mondays only” or “class testing” on the consent form.

We would like to thank all the families who have informed the school immediately when there were updates about an infection in the family
(Self-test, “Bürgertest” and/or PCR test) and continue to ask all parents for prompt information regarding infection status.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Uta Wetterich, 27th January 2022

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