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4a DD Class Trip to the Experiminta Museum

EXPERIMINTA SchattentheaterOn Thursday, 23 March 23, the children of 4aDD were very excited as they entered the bus heading to Frankfurt to spend the day in the Experiminta museum. We were greeted by two tour guides who took care of us for the whole day and who showed us to our own room where we would spend the first part of our booked tour and where the first experiments immediately took place.

What are the dangers of a tornado and a vortex? How should you behave if you are in the middle of it? With an example children could see how a vortex sucks in objects.

Why do objects such as a balloon or even a marshmellow stay in their shape? Children could find out that it is all about airpressure and that there needs to be a balance between the air inside and outside of an object otherwise it enlargens or shrinks. Very interesting to see in a small vacuum glascontainer!

Why are fakirs able to lay on a bed of nails without getting injured? Children had fun with balloons placed on a surface with less or lots of nails. Which balloon would burst first?

On the second part of our tour we were split in two groups, then led by our guides through the entire museum on an exciting Discovery tour with clues to solve to open the treasure box that was awaiting us at the end of the day.

All in all, it was a great experience and adventure with lots of hands-on/ interactive activities for the children The tour guides made a great effort in entertaining the class and we can definitely recommend this museum.

Year 4aDD, SISS Primary

Text: Uta Wetterich
Foto: Experiminta

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