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Year 4BB's Exciting Trip to Albert Schweitzer Haus!

Lindenfels 2We are thrilled to share the experiences our Year 4BB pupils had during their recent residential trip to the Albert Schweitzer Haus in Lindenfels. From March 22nd to March 24th, our class embarked on a journey filled with fun, learning, and laughter. At the Jugendherberge, located amidst a forest, the children had the opportunity to meet and feed rabbits, sheep, and playful cats, making friends along the way. We enjoyed refreshing walks in which we explored and immersed ourselves in nature.

On a walk through the forest, we listened to captivating stories about the area’s rich history, evoking feelings of surprise, excitement, laughter, and curiosity.

A visit to the famous Dragon Museum was both educational and exciting! Our curious minds had the chance to learn aboutLindenfels 1b these mythical creatures and engage in a riddle-solving adventure. Bravery was put to the test with a live bearded dragon, allowing our fearless children to touch and hold it.

Team-building activities were also on the agenda. It was so much fun to see the class discover the power of collaboration and communication. The games and challenges brought the class closer together, fostering a spirit of teamwork and unity.

Here are some highlights straight from the children themselves:

"My best experience in SiSS was when we went on this class trip to Lindenfels. The trip was three days long, and I had a lot of fun. I liked the food, especially breakfast. I also liked that we could play a lot of games. I found the part interesting when we went to the Dragon Museum. We got to see, hold, and stroke a bearded dragon. Another interesting part was when we went out for an evening walk and were told stories about the history of Lindenfels. I also liked going to see the goats, feeding the rabbits, stroking the cats, and carving stones (Speckstein) into a pendant. We all had so much fun together! It was a great chance to get to know each other better! Overall, I would rate this amazing trip to Lindenfels a 10/10.

By Terrence

"For me, the class trip was special! I had lots of fun, and sharing a dorm was really cool. The animals that were there made it even more special—I got really attached to the bunnies. The food was okay, but I really liked the pizza! We planned a lot of games, such as a Game Night in the girls' dorm, but we couldn't do it because at the end of the day, we were too sleepy. Being away from home wasn't too bad—I didn't miss my parents that much. We had a lot of fun being together as a class for the whole three days, getting to know each other better and experiencing a lot of things together. We girls enjoyed being in a dorm together; we did each other's hair, played games, and did some drawing. In the end, we were very sad that we had to leave.

By Anna

"For me, this trip was amazing since I had only just joined SISS, and I went on an overnight class trip with a group of people I just met. This turned out to be an advantage because I got to know the class better, and they are an amazing group—all the kids are. We got there, unpacked, and got started shortly after. We had challenges like going through a human-sized spiderweb without making it wobble! We all had the time of our lives running around, walking to museums, and going on night walks! We also had time to do what we wanted to do: relax, read, draw, and occasionally getting much too loud. I really hope to do something like that again; it was an amazing experience.

By Claire

"My favorite part of the trip was when we were carving stones into pendants for a necklace. We could carve them into any shape we liked, and we had loads of tools that we could use to shape the stones. I was very proud of my stone. I also enjoyed our evening walk in nature and the stories we were told about Lindenfels.

By Arjun

Z. Wood, class teacher 4DD

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