Book Day in SISS Primary

LegoOn Wednesday, 23 of March 2016, the second SISS Primary Book Day took place. The range of workshops was incredible, a total of 18 workshops were offered: German fairytales read to the children, electronic reading at the computer, writing a story on the wings of a bird and writing a newspaper article, combined with pictures made out of Lego are only a few examples.



Creativity was shown in different art projects which were related to books: Design a pop up card of Peter Rabbit, make your own “Brown Bear, Brown Bear“ book, design your own “Wilde Kerle” mask or your comic strip.DSC 0749

The day finished off with the “Read -A -Thon Assembly“; all the results of this year’s Read-a-Thon were shared with the children. They enjoyed the day very much, many thanks to all who offered an activity!DSC 0762

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