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“Huch ein Buch” at SISS Primary

Huch ein Buch 2018 SISS PrimaryOn Thursday, 17th of May 2018, the upper primary children had the opportunity to meet the author Alexandra Fischer –Hunold, a German author for child and young adult literature who has published over 50 books. From 14-18 of May  Centralstation in Darmstadt hosted the book festival ,”Huch ein Buch”, for children .

We had the chance to invite Mrs.Fischer- Hunold to visit us at SISS Primary and present her newest award winning book ‘Lord Gordon. Ein Mops in königlicher Mission.’Mrs. Fischer-Hunold gave the children some interesting insight into the life of Victorian ages in London, as the setting of her book plays in this time. Afterwards she read some paragraphs of her book and gave them a deeper insight of the story.

There was  time to ask questions about the book and about the interesting life of an author. The children were interested in  both her personal life, for example what her favourite animal is,  as well as  her work life as an author. Here they wanted to know for example how long she needs to write a book or where she finds her ideas. To close this event the author signed books for the children.

For our pupils this was a very interesting and unique experience to meet an author and they very much enjoyed this event. Maxine Deichfuß,  May 2018

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