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Let's "Muuvit"

 Dear Parents,

For the first time the SISS Primary is going to participate in the programme “Muuvit”.

“Muuvit” is an innovative platform designed to inspire and encourage children to become more physically active, but also offers a unique learning experience along the way! Originally developed in Finland in 2000, the “Muuvit” programme has received participation of nearly 3 million children from across the globe in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Uruguay, Brazil, USA, Ukraine and Poland.

The children earn points by doing 10 minutes blocks physical activity and recording their minutes via the “Muuvit”-Pass. Each point is tallied and uploaded to the “Muuvit” adventure platform by the teacher or TA. This will be added to the class account. Every kind of physical activity counts - in class, at home with family, or elsewhere. Once the minutes are uploaded to the platform, the class takes the journey to their destination of choice. By working as a team, pupils increase the number of minutes on their class account. By reaching their goals they open new destinations, and discover a wealth of interesting and exciting information and content, new tasks, activities and quizzes.
Please help your child being physically active eg by walking to school, riding the bike to the supermarket etc. Every minute counts!
You can log into the online adventure to track your child’s class journey using the class password here:
The activities will last for 30 days, starting 15th February.

We look forward to starting the” Muuvit” programme together.

On behalf of the SISS Primary Team
Nicoal Heitsch
(SISS Primary Sport Coordinator)

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