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Hurray-soooo many new books!

New books Primary homepageSomething was going on in our Primary library! The students knew that new books were ordered but when – oh when! – would they arrive? Finally, everything was ready and SISS Primary students were excited to find over 200 (!) new books on the shelves and on display in our Primary Library (Bücherwelt).

Thanks to our generous sponsors of the “Read-a-Thon” event, the library team could order the latest in literature for our young readers. There was even more excitement for the kids, as many of the books were ordered “on demand”, according to wish lists given to students and teachers beforehand. Curiously, the pupils explored the shelves with the question in mind: “Will I find the books I wished-for in the library now?” And “Yes!!! There they are: the Dork Diaries 1-12!”  … and of course many more wishes came true. Reading is so much fun and new books always boost the joy of reading.Again a big “THANK YOU!” to all our sponsors! Your contribution has helped to enhance the learning experience of our Primary  students.

on behalf of the library team, Annelore Fischer

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