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first aid course 1 On Monday 5th June, the four classes of Flexible Lower Primary were excited to welcomefist aid course 2 First Aiders from the ASB (Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund) for a children's first aid course. During the morning, each class had a 90 -minute session learning the basics of emergency first aid, including how to cope with a nosebleed and how to put someone into the recovery position. The children also learned how to apply bandages to a wound, with the result that by the end of the session the whole class was bandaged. Fortunately, it only looked scary to those who then met the class in the schoolyard or in the hallway - all the children were actually very well.

The morning was a great success with all the children taking part and having lots of fun.

Our thanks to the staff from the ASB for a super and informative morning.

text and pictures: Emma Nicholls, class teacher of Flex PP on behalf of the Flexible Lower Primary team

Save the date: SISS Walkathon, 17 June 2023

Walkathon Assembly 1Finally there is a Walkathon again!

Many of the primary school children have never participated in a walkathon before.

Therefore, there was a kick-off event in May where the primary school students were visited by Dylon, Robin, Simon and Sid from Y11/SISS Secondary. The IB students explained the key facts about the event to the children:

- What is a walkathon?

- Who can participate?

- When does it take place? and - last but not least -.

- How can everyone raise money together?

Apart from the idea of participating together in such an event, there was one detail that the children particularly liked: they would all like to meet the "chicken man on the bike", who gives exhausted runners a boost from time to time during the walkathon!

It was a great assembly - we would like to thank the four IB students and Mr Rafal Milerski, who supports the organising team, and look forward to seeing many families at the Walkathon!

U. Wetterich, June 2023

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