Let's "Muuvit"

 Dear Parents,

For the first time the SISS Primary is going to participate in the programme “Muuvit”.

“Muuvit” is an innovative platform designed to inspire and encourage children to become more physically active, but also offers a unique learning experience along the way! Originally developed in Finland in 2000, the “Muuvit” programme has received participation of nearly 3 million children from across the globe in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Uruguay, Brazil, USA, Ukraine and Poland.

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Laterne, Laterne, Sonne, Mond und Sterne

2018 lantern walkAfter busy art lessons in October, all lanterns were finally prepared and the children were ready for the lantern walk.

Together with their parents, siblings and friends they met on the Primary playground in the evening of the 8th November.

The lantern walk started with three popular lantern songs, accompanied by musicians from SISS Secondary. After a walk in the dark around the SBS premises and a second gathering to sing three more songs, everybody returned to the SISS Primary for a hot drink and a “Weckmann”.

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