Jumping is not just for kangaroos!

Rope skipping 2018 SISS PrimaryOn Wednesday 13th June, the SISS Primary Year 3 ‘Wild Wolves’ class was visited by Filip, a member of the ‘Skipping Hearts’ organisation.  This organisation is part of the Deutsche Herzstiftung and aims to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle to children. The class was taught a number of new and exciting moves to try with their skipping ropes and presented their new skills to the other year 3 class.

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“Huch ein Buch” at SISS Primary

Huch ein Buch 2018 SISS PrimaryOn Thursday, 17th of May 2018, the upper primary children had the opportunity to meet the author Alexandra Fischer –Hunold, a German author for child and young adult literature who has published over 50 books. From 14-18 of May  Centralstation in Darmstadt hosted the book festival ,”Huch ein Buch”, for children .

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