Parents information regarding change in communciation

Dear Parents,

Due to the increasing complexity of the infection situation at SISS Primary, we are changing our way of communicating it to you.

We will no longer send emails to individual cohorts regarding new infections; instead, every Friday a spreadsheet with the number of positive tested children of the week will be send out by email to all parents for information.

This change in communication has no impact on the handling of the situation. Current procedures remain in place:

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Welcome back - school situation in January 2022

Dear Parents of SISS Primary,

Welcome back to everyone, we wish you a healthy start to the New Year!

We would like to summarize the current regulations in place:
• In case of an infection with covid -19 the current quarantine is 14 days.
• In case of contact with a positive tested member in the household the current quarantine is 10 days.

Options of shortening the period of quarantine:

1) Pupils who are infected are allowed to return to school at the earliest on day 7
following the initial positive test on condition that they are symptom free and can provide a negative PCR test result.

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