We are what we eat

As part of our IPC topic “we are what we eat” we visited two local farms and engaged in hands-on learning activities. Our first trip was to Karlshof, an award winning Dairy Farm, where we had a tour around the farm and learned all about where milk comes from. We made our own butter, to enjoy with our breakfast.
At Hofgut Oberfeld we participated in a workshop “from wheat to bread”. We learned about different kinds of grain and how bread is made. We also had a tour of the farm and saw harvesting machines and where the grains are stored. In the workshop we had the chance to grind wheat and make our own bread.
It was a wonderful experience which made a practical and emotional connection to our classroom learning.

                                                          On behalf of the Flex team by Emma Nicholls, Maxine Deichfuss, Claire Elliott

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